What is Norton security premium?

Norton Security Premium has been discovered by replacing Norton 360, Norton 360 Multi-Device and Norton 360 Premier Edition. The latest product from Symantec is designed to protect all your devices while backing up data. 

Norton Security Premium upgrades Norton Security Standard and Deluxe by including 25 GB of secure online storage space you can take backup your important data and files such as personal or family photos and videos. Norton Security Premium also gives protection up to 10 devices, as Norton Security Deluxe gives protection up to 5 devices and just Norton Security Standard gives 1 device protection only.

  Similarly as Norton other product like (deluxe or standard), Norton Security Premium protects your all kind of devices(including PC’s, MAC’s, Tablets, smartphones). You don’t need to buy any of the different products for any of your device

norton security premium

Best For?

If you have a family and uses multiple and different types of devices and wants to regularly back up their important files. Than Yes! It is for you. Do you use a desktop computer to backup your photos and videos at the house? Do you use smartphones and tablets for video-chats or check your mails on a regular basis? Now, not to worry! All the devices you are using is totally protected under the Norton security premium. Activate your Norton Security by visiting


Norton Security Premium

  • If you already using any of the previous Norton security link Norton 360 or 360 multiple device. You can easily choose the Upgrade feature.

  • Norton provides a single solution to protect all your family member devices(PC’s, Mac, smartphones, tablets) up to 10 devices.

  • Your all devices are totally protected against viruses, hackers, spammers, risky and dangerous websites or downloads.

  • 25GB secure online backup storage space.

  • Using many devices or needs to buy more devices? No worries! You can also add them.

  • Easy transfer of protection from one device to another device while or after upgrade.

  • Locate and Wipeout your lost or stolen devices(smartphone or tablets) 

  • It Helps provide real-time protection against previous and new malware including ransomware and viruses.

  • 100% Virus Protection Promise: From the movement, you take the plan, Norton expert is available for your help in keeping your site virus-free.

Norton Security Premium

  • Norton Security with Backup gives overall protection to all devices for your family.

  • It provides a single solution to protect all your devices don't need any other protection plan

  • Norton Management gives you a feature to easily move your protection from one device to another.

  • Update: keep your security up-to-date with automatic update download feature.

  • Online protection: Norton provides you online protection as well to keep your device virus-free, spyware, spammy websites, and other online threats.

  • Protection updates runs in background Mac, i Phones, smartphones or tablets

  • Lost Notice lets you send a customized message to anyone who finds your missing or lost device, so you can also make arrangements to get it back.

  • Insight and Optimized Copy speeds and PC scan times by identifying safe & secure files and only scanning unknown and dangerous files.

  • Safe Web for social media sites like Facebook scans your Facebook Wall and News Feed for links and protects you from unsafe sites.

  • Block spamming Email or unwanted, dangerous and fraud email so that there is no risk of your identity and personal files.

  • Alert you for unsafe websites.

  • Cloud back storage up-to 25GB, which is totally secure and Norton protects your important files(photos, videos, documents, and other important backups).

  • Anti Phishing block protection helps you to block fraud websites to protect your personal information or data. While using mobile network or wifi on smartphones or tablets.

System Requirements:

With Norton Security, you are now getting powerful Norton Protection for your PCs, Mac, smartphones, and tablets. If you want to install Norton Security Premium on your any of the device successfully and without facing any problem, your device must meet the minimum system requirements that are listed below.


  • Operating Systems 

    • Windows10 (includes Any versions except Windows 10 S).

    • Microsoft Win 8/8.1 or Higher (Any versions). Some of the features are not working in Win 8 Start screen browsers.

    • Win7 (any versions) with SP1(Service Pack) or Higher.

    • Win Vista (all versions) with SP 1 or higher.

    • WinXP (32bit) Home/Professional with SP3 or higher.


  • Hardware

    • Processor:

      • Win10/8/7/Vista: 1GHz / XP: 300MHz

    • RAM:

      • For Win10: 2GB ( at least 512MB RAM required for Recovery Tool)

      • For Windows 8/7: 1GB (32bit) or 2GB (64bit) (at least 512 MB RAM required for Recovery Tool) For Vista: 512MB, For XP: 256MB

    • Hard disk:

      • 300MB should be available in hard disk space


  • Operating Systems Supported
    • Current and previous two versions of Mac OS X 10.7.5(lion) or Higher
    • Hardware
      • Intel Core 2 Duo, i3, i5, i7, and Xeon processor
      • 2-GB RAM
      • Minimum 300-MB of space available in hard disk
      • Strong Internet connection for Live-Updates
    • Browsers Supported
      • Safari 1 or 2
      • Mozilla Firefox-1 or 2
      • Google Chrome 1

Android & iOS


  • Operating systems
    • Android 4.1 or Higher 4.2,4.3 or 4.4 at least
  • Device requirements
    • Android tab or Mobiles with minimum free space of 15MB 
  • Browser Support 
    • Standard Internet browser
    • Google Chrome 18 for Android, or Next Version
    • Mozilla Firefox for Android 37.0.2 or Next Version
    • Opera 8.0 or Next Version
    • Samsung browser 1.0 or Next Version
  • Strong Internet Connection is must


  • Operating systems:
    • Apple iPhones or iPads running on the current and previous versions of Apple iOS